28 Samus Aran Hot Pictures Will Keep You Staring At Her All Day Long

28 Samus Aran Hot Pictures Will Keep You Staring At Her All Day Long

Samus Aran is a fictional character from ‘Metroid’, a science-fiction action video game series, developed by Nintendo, introduced in 1968. Samus Aran is the protagonist of the series, appearing as an intergalactic bounty hunter from the Galactic Federation.

Born in k-2L, a colony of Earth, Samus Aran has a mysterious history with multiple plot holes. She donnes a powered exoskeleton which comes with equipment and weapons such as direct-energy shooters and missiles. Her motive is to execute the tasks appointed to her by the Galactic Federation which is hunting the Space Pirates.


Samus Aran Hot Pics
Samus Aran Hot Pics

She must also go against the leader of the Space Pirates, Ridley, and the parasitic energy-draining organisms called Metroids. She has appeared in every Metroid game and has been featured in Super Smash Bros. and the comic book for ‘Captain N: The Game Master’.


Samus Aran Sexy Pics
Samus Aran Sexy Pics

Samus is generally seen sporting her Power Suit, which helps protect her from external dangers. The suit cam also be powered-up by the player. It possesses an Arm Cannon, which allows Samus to fire energy beams, charge beams and launch missiles.


Samus Aran sexy looks

The suit can also be morphed into a small sphere, called the Morphe Ball, in order to allow Samus to roll through tight areas and utlize bombs. It also comes with a visor for scanning objects and with a Grapple Beam, with helps her cross large distances by tethering the beam to other objects.


Samus Aran hot

She possesses a Gunship, which helps players restore her health and ammunition. Samus is the one of the first female protagonists in video game history and has been considered to be a breakthrough for female characters in video games.


Samus Aran hot looks

She is also immensely popular and has acquired the 14th spot for ‘top video game characters of all time’ in the 2011 Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition. Her popularity has helped Metroid sell over 20 million copies.


Samus Aran sexy

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