Bella Thorne teasing

Bella Thorne teasing

Bella Thorne teasing

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34 thoughts on “Bella Thorne teasing”

  1. You guys know for most of human history and still for most of the world women having armpit hair isn’t a big deal right? Or is porn your only concept for women?

  2. I, and most of you, if sitting beside her, and then propositioned with the offer of sex with Bella, are overlooking the armpit hair.

  3. Complaining that a hot girl has armpit hair is like complaining about driving a Ferrari because the seat warmers didn’t work.

  4. I agree armpit hair is gross. However, after some self examination I think it’s because it’s jarring mostly. Like taking a painting off the wall, and not putting in its place. Oppositely, I expect an absence when there is something thair now. Would still smash

  5. The pit hair doesn’t bother me. She seems a little too desperate for attention though, and just gives off the impression that any contact would require a long course of very strong antibiotics…

  6. EldritchKnightH196

    Holy shit…. you know the armpit hair isn’t that off putting… infact I find it quite toggle opposite in this video…. damn. Lucky bastard who ever pins that down.

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