Sophie Rundle from Episodes on/off

Sophie Rundle from Episodes on/off
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Sophie Rundle from Episodes on/off

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6 thoughts on “Sophie Rundle from Episodes on/off”

  1. ExtraAverageGrundle

    I just rewatched Episodes recently, and Sophie’s character [(Labia)]( is hilarious. Spoiler alert: She’s a former Make-a-Wish kid who “wished” to meet Matt LeBlanc, but then didn’t end up dying of cancer and instead started stalking Matt, who of course sleeps with her on a couple occasions when he’s feeling down.

  2. Honestly never expected her to have big ones like that. Never seen Episodes but I’ve seen her in a few other BBC shows so it’s quite funny tbh seeing her like this when she’s very serious in other shows ahaha

  3. Her tits were so damn good during that time. But does anyone else feel she lost her breast size in recent years? Could just be me

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